Recent Additions

(31st December 2017) All the 'Branches of Families by date' files have been updated. 

(10th December 2017) B.D.M. Files from 1190 - 1599 replaced with new files with much more content

(9th December 2017) Families Index page created.

(9th December 2017) List of Family Obituaries for various newspapers posted. 

(9th December 2017) Commonwealth family who service in World War 1 (See under War Service)

(8th December 2017) Joe Swindlehurst and his friendship with Warren Oats. See under 'Family Stories 20th Century.

(5th December 2017) The Swindlehurst Brothers buy the Wadena Tribune 1885. See under 'Family stories 19th Century.'

(25th November 2017) I new page has been added with newspaper clippings relating to the Swindlehurst family. 

(23rd November 2017) Pages detailing Swinglehurst only families from 1901 - 1950 have been added. 

(23rd August 2017) Under'New records and information' New L.O.P.C. Records yet to be updated in main files. Thanks to Gill Curwen for her input.
(21st August 2017) Manor of Slaidburn Court Rolls. ( see under the heading 'Court Rolls') ( Many thanks to Chris Spencer for his research) 

Site Purpose

The Swinglehurst site is in addition to our main site which contains many years of research and vast amounts of information. Please use the above link to the main site, but if you need to contact a researcher you can use either site. 
We have developed this new site for six main purposes

1 To compliment our original site (address above) 
2 To help people trace their ancestry. 
3 To showcase interesting family stories.
4 To trace the real origins of our name
5 To encourage other members of our big family to provide further information.
6 To attempt to complete the World-wide family tree.

Because our name is unusual or rare, a few years ago Leicester University started a study of Rare English names, and ours was included.
A lot of information came from that study including (after taking DNA swabs) the fact that 40 of the people giving samples were related to a common ancestor born 800 years ago.

34 were Swindlehursts and 6 were Swinglehursts.

A journey though our site shows many interesting stories, but we are sure that there are still hidden treasures to be uncovered.

The column on the left of the screen is there to help you look for information which might be of interest to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.