Edward Swinglehurst (Father of Henry)

Chairman of the Preston Weavers during the Preston Strike of 1853 -1854

Below is Edward's Family Tree

Edward Swinglehurst (born 1792) was the father of Henry who was involved in the Silver mines in Chile.

He married Lydia (Elizabeth) Jelph on 18th September 1816 and at the time they were both weavers.

Edward moved from his birth place in Westmorland to Preston and worked in the Weaving industry. He was a veteran of the 1847 agitation and at the time of the Preston Strike in 1853 he was Chairman of the Preston Weavers.

He played a major part in trying to get justice for the weavers following cut after cut in their wages.

He went on speaking tours of the whole weaving industry in the north of England with George Cowell.

He had become a bookseller and was quite prosperous but his loyalty for the peoples Charter was unswerving.

As he was the elder statesman for the working class radicalism and as such he was highly regarded.

It is very likely that he would have met Charles Dickens when he visited the area to find out for himself about the working and living conditions of the weavers and spinners.

Charles Dickens book 'Hard Times' although a novel was written to bring attention to the state of affairs in the industrial north.

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