Henry's Book - Silver Mines and Incidents of Travel

Henry Swinglehurst was born on 30th August 1820. He was the son of Edward, a weaver in Westmorland.

When he went to South America, he left his wife Jane (Heys) behind in England.

He went in search of material, little knowing that he would become involved in Silver Mining.

He wrote a book which is still in publication called 'Silver Mines and Incidents of Travel: Letters and Notes on Sea & Land'

He traveled throughout North America South America & Europe following his work, and of course at this time travelling such distances held many dangers.

On some occasions Jane would go with him.

There is a dedication at the front of the book which reads as follows:-

These rough chips from a busy life are printed for private circulation only and dedicated to my children and to the memory of their mother who sailed twice round Cape Horn in the loving pursuit of what she felt to be her duty.

Henry and Jane were married on 14th May 1844, and Henry died on 9th January 1895.