London Gazette - 22nd November 1919 Re Bletchley Park

Attached note from our researchers shows some information about Frank Swindlehurst. Hopefully more to come.

I assume this is our great Uncle John – brother of our grand-dad Tom. Some mystery about this whole family in that they did not talk about themselves much and the reason may have only come out in recent years. His two daughters served at Bletchley Park in WWII. Not sure of facts but seem to remember rumours about him once being Design Director at Port Sunlight and much to do with the creation of the famous Sunlight Soap advert. Also heard that he was an (Army?) Engineer in India. Know we had several small sketch books of his with India type drawings and one containing sketches of Avonmouth docks details. Think he was responsible for designing some aspects of it so may have been his original sketched ideas.

Last saw him in Bournemouth in a very wealthy house. Assume he died there.

Anyway, mother may know more and following is what we have on his family so far. May lead to more memories and revelations about him. Uncle John is number 6 child below – number 5 our grand-dad Tom. Think their parents family home at 27 Bushy Park still exists.

pLondon Gazette 22nd Nov 1919